Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

One of my favorite things about being a Bay Area wedding photographer are the amount of outdoor weddings I get to shoot. From shoreside elopements to backyard weddings, from Spring through autumn, I really get to see it all! Today we are going to dive into outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, so you can spend more of your budget on the fun things!

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The best thing you can do to stick to a budget is to eliminate the need for other expenses. With this idea I suggest finding a venue that is so beautiful that you don’t really even need decor for your outdoor wedding. I find that greenhouses, gardens and even courtyards make for stunning backdrops. Each stunning and interesting enough to enjoy without decorations. Saving you money!

Wedding Gifts

If you have a family member or friend who has a skill that you could use for your wedding, for example, your aunt used to cater events, or maybe you have a florist in the family. Ask them if they would gift you that skill instead of a knife set or a crockpot. This can save you hundreds of dollars in vendor fees, while still fulfilling the needs of your wedding day!

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Thrift & Give It A Face Lift!

Thrifting is a trend that is hot right now! Include this fun pastime in your wedding planning to find unique treasures that will spruce up your outdoor wedding. Consider making a mood board, sharing it with your bridal party and family, and having a bit of help to find the perfect pieces to include in your table decor, ceremony space and even lounge area! See the potential in items to give it a face lift and use it for your wedding day.

Seasonal Flowers

Another tip for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget is to stick with seasonal flowers. These will come at a fraction of the cost! Making your bouquets, centerpieces, floral arrangements, and any other florals so much more affordable. In addition, seasonal flowers are more readily available!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures bride holding purple bridal bouquet

Food & Beverage

Instead of hiring a caterer, consider setting up DIY food and beverage stations. Serve simple, crowd-pleasing dishes like tacos, sliders, or build-your-own salad bowls. Even a table full of protein-dense appetizers will satisfy a crowd! For drinks, offer a signature cocktail or self-serve beverage station. Eliminating the need for servers while not compromising a bar!

Incorporating outdoor wedding ideas on a budget doesn’t mean you have to forgo the many details that make a wedding special. Try thinking outside the box, get creative and have fun with it!

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