San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Did you know that you can get married at San Francisco City Hall? Known for its stately elegance and exquisite architectural design, this is a nontraditional wedding venue you don’t want to miss! As a historical landmark, you will be impressed by the views within the building, including grand staircases, ornate domes, and so many other grand balconies and private alcoves. Here are your options for a San Francisco City Hall Wedding.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures San Francisco city hall

One-hour Weddings

If you are working with a modest budget and are planning a more intimate wedding, then the one-hour wedding package is for you. Packages includes private use of either the Mayor’s Balcony or a Fourth Floor Gallery for up to one-hour. This would be perfect for a ceremony and quick photo session. I wouldn’t recommend having a large wedding guest list for just one-hour of time, but this reservation allows for up to 100 guests.

For just $1000 you can rent one of the above spaces for an hour. Availability ranges from Monday through Friday, with the earliest ceremony beginning at 9:00 am and the latest beginning at 3:00 pm. Chairs are an additional equipment rental fee. The Mayor’s Balcony seats up to 40 and the Fourth Floor Galleries up to 60. With the remaining guests standing for the ceremony.

In addition, food and beverage services are unavailable due to time constraints. However, there are plenty of dining options in the city! And if you want to add an extra layer of ambiance, consider hiring a musician. Acoustic music may be played with advance approval, and musicians must be selected from our qualified list.

Visit the City Hall Event page here for more information on this package.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures bride and groom at San Francisco City Hall

Two-hour Weddings

The two-hour wedding package offers up to 200 guests to witness the exchanging of vows on the Grand Staircase of the Rotunda. If you have a party larger than 200, you can inquire about adding additional guests for $4 a person, other fees may apply.

This package is $5,000 and is offered on Saturdays only. The earliest ceremony begins at 9:00 am, and the latest begins at 12:00 noon. The two-hour period includes load-in and load-out. The package also includes natural wood folding chairs, basic building services, and insurance.

Due to time constraints, the use of outside vendors, including food and beverage service, requires advance approval.

Visit the City Hall Event page here for more information on this package.

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Evening Weddings At San Francisco City Hall

Looking to dance the night away? Then an evening wedding at San Francisco City Hall is for you! Exchange vows on the Grand Staircase surrounded by family and friends. Enjoy a cocktail reception in the inviting North Light Court. And treat your guests to an unforgettable night of dinner and dancing in the magnificent Rotunda.

City Hall is available for full evening weddings on both weekdays and weekends. Though Tuesdays are not available due to a weekly meeting held with the Board of Supervisors. In addition, although the building remains open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, areas can be privatized for special event use during those hours.

Visit the City Hall Event page here for more information on this package.

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