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Have you heard of Ring Mountain? It’s a dynamic photo location, especially for outdoorsy, adventure-loving couples. As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I think these trails aren’t appreciated as often as they should be! Let’s talk more about why Ring Mountain could be a dream location for engagement photos. 

Disclaimer: My most recent shoot at Ring Mountain was a family session, but the pictures are too pretty not to share! If you want your engagement photos featured in this blog, reach out and let’s schedule your session!

Location of Ring Mountain

If you’re looking for a photo location that isn’t too far from home, you need to consider Ring Mountain Preserve. A hidden gem right here in Marin County, this mountain is home to a 3 mile loop trail full of wildlife.

The preserve is accessed by three different points: north access (from Paradise Dr), south access (Reed Ranch Rd), and east access (Taylor Rd). Parking is free. And if you need a bite to eat after your session, you’re only a short drive from great dining spots.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures man and woman hugging during engagement photos

Your Photographs

There are so many interesting features to capture at Ring Mountain, and as a Bay Area wedding photographer, I kind of love that we’ll have so many options for backdrops here! 

We could get vastly different “looks” with just a quick walk around the preserve. Your session could start with romantic poses in the meadows and grasslands, and later we could do more dynamic shots with the rock features. It’s your call–we can cater your session to your expectations.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures woman standing with children

Engagements at Ring Mountain

Beyond the name “Ring” Mountain, there’s something about this spot that just fits for a couples’ session. Personally, I think this location would shine for spring and summer engagements. There are wildflowers in the fields, and the grass is really vibrant. But, no matter which season you pick, I’d recommend going at golden hour because the sunsets here are incredible, and would really add a unique flair to your photos.

Gorgeous views, easily accessible, and 100% free? It’s a yes from this Bay Area wedding photographer. Ring Mountain’s got just the right touch of adventure. Are you ready to book your engagement session? Let’s talk!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures young family smiling together

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