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It’s your Bay Area wedding photographer again with more amazing locations for your next session. If you’re hoping for timeless, romantic engagement photos, you should probably check out Muir Beach. The crashing waves, the golden sand, and the cliffside—it’s like getting engaged inside a postcard. Here are a few more details for you to consider. 

Disclaimer: My most recent session at Muir beach was a family session, and turned out beautifully! The photos in this blog are from that family photoshoot, however I am more than excited to update this blog with your engagement photos here!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures parents sitting on blanket with child

Location of Muir Beach

Muir Beach is about an hour and a half from downtown San Francisco in the Golden Gate Recreation Area, and it’s well worth the drive. When you get there, walk the bridge to reach the lagoon, beach, and two other hiking trails. The bridge is 150 yards, but it’s pretty accessible and includes handrails! There are some strong winds coming off the ocean, so just make sure to bring good shoes and a jacket. 

Your Engagement Photographs at Muir Beach

There are some shots here that we can’t get anywhere else. Check out the iconic photos available at Muir Beach Lookout Point! There’s a round, spacious platform at the end of the bridge that opens over the cliffs, and it is literally perfect for engagement photos. I can imagine it already, front and center on a wedding announcement.

Once we get down to the beach, we can enjoy a little of everything. There are so many options for backdrops here. Romantic sands and ocean waves, thick foliage or dramatic cliffs. No matter what style you’re looking for, my photographer’s heart tells me you’ll be satisfied with your session.  

Bay Area wedding photographer captures family walking on beach together

Nature and Your Photos at Muir Beach

Muir Beach offers incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, but did you know that it is also a prime whale-watching spot? Or that every autumn, you can find monarchs migrating in the nearby groves? Beyond just the photos, this beach offers a whole experience. So make a date night out of your session with your Bay Area photographer and head out exploring. 

There’s really no place better suited for engagement photos around the Bay Area than Muir Beach. And if you really love it, remember that this beach is also open as an elopement location. I’d love to check it out with you as either your engagement photographer OR as your Bay Area wedding photographer! Reach out here.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures girl walking on bridge

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