Plan Your Wedding Budget With Bay Area Wedding Photographer

One of the hardest questions when it comes to your wedding is how to plan your wedding budget. It can be scary to plan out a large event, especially when there are so many traditions to include. As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I have seen weddings come in all different styles and sizes. Let me share my tips for how to plan your wedding budget successfully.  

Determine Who’s Paying

First order of business, and it’s a hard one: find out who’s paying. Traditionally, the bride’s family is responsible for the engagement party, the venue and transportation, the dress, catering, and all of the reception costs. The groom’s family takes on the rehearsal dinner, marriage license, and officiant fees. The bride and groom are usually responsible for their own rings and honeymoon. 

Even saying so, make sure you sit down with your families and have a conversation about your wedding budget. Your budget should be respectful of both families’ financial capabilities and expectations. 

Research Services and Vendors

After your engagement, it’s good to do your research on what’s available for your wedding. There are many things you probably didn’t even think of! You may want to hire a wedding coordinator/wedding planner, and you may also have a venue coordinator. 

Your vendors, such as Bay Area wedding photographers, videographers, florists, DJs, catering staff, bakers, etc. should provide transparent pricing. Shop around and don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for estimates. 

Set Your Wedding Budget Priorities

The best tip I have for planning your wedding budget is to determine your priorities on this important day. Frankly, it can be a burden to spend big on every single aspect of your wedding—it is much easier to decide which wedding elements are worth the most to you, and concede on the rest. 

For example, some brides and grooms prioritize their wedding attire. Others prefer to focus on having the best food, and others want to have the most amazing location. Talk with your fiance and decide what’s most important to you. Organize your budget to match your priorities. 

There’s No “Right” Budget

Finally, don’t feel pressured to spend more or less than what you’re comfortable with. There is no “right” amount to spend on your wedding. Extravagant weddings and simple weddings both focus on the most important thing: the love you have for your person.

I’d love to provide even more help as you plan your wedding budget. Your memories are so important. As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I want to make sure you can reflect on the beauty of your wedding day for years to come! Reach out here.

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