Favorite Bay Area Wedding Vendors

The Bay Area is filled with stunning wedding venues and devoted vendors. With so many options, it can be challenging to know who to trust for your wedding. That is why I am doing all that I can to share my recommendations with you so you don’t have to do the research and don’t have to regret choosing the wrong vendor later down the line. Here are my favorite Bay Area wedding vendors!

outdoor wedding venue with white tables and white umbrellas for a summer wedding in the Bay Area with lush forest in the distance

Bay Area Florist

Florals can really bring a wedding to life! In my opinion, they are an essential element that adds charm, elegance, and a touch of natural beauty to any wedding. Moreover, flowers have a unique ability to evoke emotions and create unforgettable moments, making them a nonnegotiable part of your wedding day. Whether it’s a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, incorporating wedding florals ensures that every detail of the celebration is imbued with romance and sophistication, truly making it a day to remember.

Here are my top recommendations for Bay Area Florists.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets

Bridal Hair & Makeup

You’re looking for bridal hair and makeup Bay Area experts who can help you feel effortlessly incredible on your wedding day—and it’s no small challenge, I know! As a Bay Area wedding photographer, my whole goal is to help you feel amazing in every photo. That’s why I’ve compiled my own list of Bay Area professionals that’ll help you really shine on your wedding day.

Check out my recommendations here.

groom holding his bride around her waist and smiling into her neck as she giggles and smiles at the camera held by Bay Area wedding photographers

Best Bakery In Bay Area

Wedding cake is undeniably a timeless tradition that adds a sweet and memorable touch to the celebration. Beyond its delicious taste, the right wedding cake serves as a centerpiece, reflecting the couple’s unique style and personality. From classic tiers adorned with intricate fondant designs to modern, minimalist creations, the options are endless. That’s why I’ve curated a list of contenders for the best bakery in the Bay Area, ensuring that couples have access to expertly crafted confections that will not only satisfy their taste buds but also elevate the visual allure of their special day.

Here are my favorite Bay Area bakeries.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures bride and groom cutting. cake together

Bay Area Wedding Venues

Where you actually have your wedding makes a huge difference in how your day will turn out. You should consider not only the appearance and ambiance of the venue but also the amenities and customer service provided. The Bay Area has so many wonderful venues that it can be hard to know where to start, so I have got your back with an exclusive list of the best venues.

Check them out here!

Bay Area Wedding Vendors

Need more recommendations for Bay Area wedding vendors? Reach out and let’s chat! I’d be honored to share recommendations and to capture your big day as a Bay Area wedding photographer!

bride sitting on a swing that is hanging from a tree while her groom pushed the swing while standing behind her and the sun sets through the trees

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