San Carlos Cathedral Monterey CA

The oldest building in Monterey delivers when it comes to a cathedral ceremony! This sacred edifice is stunning in its design, making it perfect for wedding portraits. In addition, it has a warm and inviting chapel to accommodate guests during your Catholic ceremony. Making this location well sought after for a Monterey wedding. Here is what to consider when looking into San Carlos Cathedral Monterey.

About The Parish

San Carlos Cathedral is also known as The Royal Presidio Chapel of San Carlos Borromeo. It is the oldest building in Monterey, completed in 1794, and the only remaining original chapel of the four Spanish Presidios that once existed in California. Tradition is strong here, as it is the longest continuously active church in California, established on June 3, 1770 when the first Mass was said.

How To Get Married at San Carlos Cathedral Monterey CA

Much like any chapel, cathedral, or venue, there are guidelines at San Carlos. However, because of the popularity of this historic site, as well as its active sanctuary, there are more specific guidelines to reserving your wedding here.

What if San Carlos Cathedral Monterey is outside of my parish?

If you live outside of the Monterey Peninsula, no worries! You can still tie the knot at this gorgeous location. First, contact your local Catholic priest/deacon/church staff who will prepare you for marriage. In addition, you will also need to make arrangements with your parish priest to come to Monterey to
celebrate your wedding. There will be paperwork, needed from your priest/deacon, and timelines that are outlined further in the SCC Guidelines (linked at the end of this article). Your church leader will also need to travel to Monterey to perform the ordinance of marriage.

What does this Cathedral cost?

Once the wedding fee is obtained, your wedding date will be booked. So, how much is this fee, and what’s included? For $1,500, you will receive marriage preparation (if local), a wedding coordinator, and use of the Cathedral for your rehearsal and wedding ceremony, be it with or without the Mass.

Can I have a musician?

San Carlos Cathedral has a list of approved musicians that they have already worked with in the past and trust. However, if you have an outside musician you would like to use, you will still need a music minister to supervise the use of the Cathedral’s sound system. As well, your musician will not be allowed to use the cathedral organ, nor can play secular music. Pre-recorded music is also not permitted.

Wedding Decor

Because of the nature of this historic building decor and florals are limited. It is generally recommended to have two floral arrangements on either side of the altar. This adds a special touch of elegance while not distracting from the ceremony. Pew decorations are also permitted. However, for safety purposes, aisle runners, lighted candles, and throwing of rice and/or flower petals are not permitted. There is more on the specific guidelines for decor set up in the guidelines of SCC.

Monterey Wedding Photographer

San Carlos Cathedral welcomes photographers and videographers as long as they respect the sacred nature of the ceremony. I personally love photographing at this Cathedral for its revered beauty and history! I would be honored to capture your big day in Monterey. Reach out, and let’s make it happen!

Get the San Carlos Cathedral Marriage Guidelines here.

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