Backyard Wedding Decor

As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I capture a lot of backyard weddings. And whether you opt to get married in a backyard to save on wedding expenses or simply because it is a stunning location. I am here for it! I love a good garden wedding with personal touches and whimsical features. However, I hear often that couples are unsure how to incorporate backyard wedding decor that is timeless and will give a high end look. Here are some of my favorite decor to class up a backyard wedding!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures backyard wedding decor at backyard wedding

Garden Weddings

Garden weddings became popular a few years ago, soon after cottage core became a trend. Although it is still at the beginning of its upward trend, garden weddings are a wonderful option for couples who are looking for a small, personal wedding with natural touches. Often times, my couples find their dream garden wedding in a family or friend’s backyard. If you are really wanting a garden wedding but don’t know anyone with an outstanding yard, ask around! I’m sure one of your friends has a relative who has a stunning gardenscape in their yard.

When looking for the perfect garden, first consider a sentimental place. Maybe that is your grandmother’s backyard or your own backyard as a couple. Next, look at the landscape. Ideally, you want the garden already well-developed with lots of bushes, flowers, and growth. However, if your garden isn’t established, you can always offer to plant new life on your dime—kind of like a thank you to the backyard owner!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures bride and groom celebrating recent backyard wedding

Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas

The best part of a backyard garden wedding is that you don’t have to worry about a blank wall. A lot of your decor will simply be the garden itself. Everything you bring in just needs to compliment your already existing backdrop.


What would a garden wedding be without flowers?! If the yard you are using doesn’t have a lot of flowers, I suggest bringing potted flowers to incorporate throughout the yard. Adding them into the already existing landscape. In addition, you will want to incorporate floral arrangements on tables, down the aisle, and anywhere else that needs a pop of color!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures pink and purple flowers in backyard wedding decor for table decor


A yard with a lot of florals, won’t feel like a wedding. To add more “structure” to the space, and give it the feel of an event space, add signs. A welcome sign as they walk in, a sign inviting them into the ceremony space, cocktail and menu signs, seating charts, the list goes on!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures gold frame seating chart at backyard wedding


Another element that can elevate a yard into a reception space is how you decorate a table. This is an area of backyard wedding decor that most couples get right! It is pretty easy to translate a tablescape from a venue to a garden wedding. Use this space to express yourself as a couple, and add storytelling elements.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures table with records as centerpieces at backyard wedding


The most romantic thing you can do, especially if your reception is going to go into the evening, is to add candles! Don’t get me wrong, I do love a dance floor under Edison bulbs or strings of fairy lights. But candles littered on tables and safely used in lanterns hanging from trees, is such a romantic touch. I really can’t get enough of this wedding decor, especially when trying to add a high end touch to a garden wedding.

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Wedding Arch

This is a must for any outdoor wedding! Not only it it the perfect focal point for your wedding ceremony, but it is also perfect for a backdrop for family and bridal party portraits. You can even use it for decor during the reception by placing it behind your bride and groom table.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures bride and groom dip kiss after backyard wedding ceremony


This is a backyard wedding decor idea that I have noticed very recently, and I love it! Adding rugs to your ceremony space is a great way to give definition and structure to an outdoor wedding. It also adds a pop of color and emphasizes your wedding theme and color palette.

Bay Area wedding photographer captures boho wedding decor and arch at backyard wedding

Backyard wedding decor doesn’t have to be boring, cheap, and underwhelming. With the right elements, you can add an elegant feel. Ready to capture your garden wedding? Reach out, and let’s chat!

Bay Area wedding photographer captures boho chair and chalkboard sign at backyard wedding

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