Why Have A First Look?

As a Bay Area wedding photographer. I get to see a lot of trends in the industry come and go. And one that has seemed to stand its ground and become more of a staple for brides is the first look. This is a time to create an intimate memory with just you and your person. It is a moment of quiet and serenity. But why have a first look beyond this? Let’s jump in.

Bay Area photographers capture bride and groom exiting wedding ceremony

Is A First Look For You?

In short, yes! First looks are something that can really set your wedding day off on the right foot. Not only is it a super romantic and intimate moment between the two of you, but it’s a quiet moment before the craziness of your day! Seeing your sweetheart for the first time before the ceremony can bean incredibly grounding and special experience. And if you aren’t convinced yet, here are a few things to consider when deciding on a first look.

Bay Area photographers capture bride reading vows to groom

Intimate Moment

One of my favorite moments is right after the first look. The initial excitement dies down a bit and a feeling of intimacy and gratitude drapes over the bride and groom. As a Bay Area wedding photographer this is what I consider a golden opportunity. To capture such emotional and candid photos is what I live for! And the best part is that you get to breathe and take in this one moment in time, just the two of you, with all of your love. . . and me, capturing it all so you will never forget!

Express Your Love

When you are walking down the aisle there isn’t really much your groom gets to say to you in that moment. And you don’t really get to say much to him. Isn’t that lame? I feel like there are million different thoughts going on and it is seriously awesome to get to hear them right then and there when it all fresh in your minds! When having a first look you get to hear it all!

Bay Area photographers capture groom looking up and smiling before first look

More Time Together

Who doesn’t want more one on one time on their wedding day?! Let’s face it, most of your wedding is socializing with old friends and new relatives. Having a first look gives you just a little bit more time to be with just each other and talk about everything that is going on. Plus, it adds another special moment in your day! And you can never have too many of those!

No More Nerves

So many of my brides and grooms feel those wedding day nerves. Which is totally normal. By having a first look you get to relax a ton. For some reason seeing your soon-to-be-spouse calms you down and grounds you. This way you can go about the rest of the day with a more level head, and enjoy everything so much more. It helps you remember the ‘why’ of the event, and forget about all the silly little details you stressed about for weeks.

Want to have a moment together to settle the nerves, but want to keep the magic of a first look fo rthe ceremony? Consider these first look wedding alternatives.

First looks are by far one of my favorite things as a Bay Area wedding photographer. And I hope that if you decide to have one, that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy capturing them. Have me capture all of the moments small or large on your big day, let’s chat!

Bay Area photographers capture bride and groom walking together

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