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I love the Bay Area, especially Marin County. It is one of the most beautiful locations for a California wedding, and I feel beyond grateful that I get to be a Bay Area wedding photographer. With that said, there are a few areas outside of my bubble that I haven’t been to for a wedding here. And I REALLY want to!! So the following locations are ones that are on my bucketlist to shoot at. And if you happen to have me as your wedding photographer there, I will give you a discount!

Also, please note that none of these images are at the locations spoken of. Mostly because I haven’t gotten to shoot there yet! But how boring would this blog be without pictures?!

Bay Area photographer captures black and white portrait of bride walking through garden

Deer Park Villa, Fairfax CA 

The charm and whimsy of Deer Park Villa is unmatched. From the towering redwood trees in the ceremony space allowing you to be married in a literal enchanted forest. To the fairytale-like gardens to wander through during your bridal portraits. This wedding venue in Fairfax is at the top of my bucketlist!

A few things to note on this venue is that your guest count can be anywhere from 200 to 350 guests, depending on if you are planning to be outdoors or indoors. The site allows late night receptions, as well as offering intimate weekday weddings. As well, it is open year-round! So no matter the season, I’ll capture your wedding here!

Bay Area photographer captures couple hugging in front of pool

Viansa Sonoma, CA 

A fourth generation winery is a sophisticated and elegant choice for your California wedding. Viansa will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams in the most romantic location. Here you will have spectacular views of Sonoma Valley, stunning ivy-covered courtyard, rolling hills of vineyards and so much more!

In addition to this winery’s beauty, there are multiple indoor and outdoor space for both ceremonies and receptions. Including 72″ round tables and white garden chair to seat up to 150 guests. Though you may consider renting more because the settings max out at 300 guest of outdoor areas, and 220 guests for indoors.

Bay Area photographer captures couple with back to camera kissing

San Francisco City Hall, SF CA

If there is a single public location to have a California wedding, or simply just bridals, it is San Francisco City Hall. The majesty and utter grandeur of City Hall in unbelievable. Plus, you will have to go to a courthouse anyway to get your marriage license. Why not do the entire ceremony there too?!

You can get married in San Francisco’s historic City Hall by a Commissioner from the Office of the County Clerk. For smaller weddings that have 6 guests or fewer, you will need to make an appointment to have a small civil marriage ceremony or domestic partnership ceremony at City Hall. But, if you are planning to have more than 6 guests, or want to get married on a weekend or even a holiday, you need to book a space through City Hall Events.

Have I convinced you?! Are you going to take the plunge (and the discount!) and get married at one of my bucklist California wedding locations? Let me know!

Bay Area photographer captures bride and groom kissing in street after California wedding

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